Side dish and serving ideas for Tuna Casserole

Tuna Casserole

Tuna Casserole

Tuna casserole is a classic American comfort food dish. You might think that its origins would be in 1950s Midwest America, but it was in 1930s Pacific Northwest. Its first appearance in print was in Sunset Magazine from a Mrs. W.F.S in Kennewick, Washington. Originally made with a white sauce, mushrooms, and cheese topping. The advent of cream of mushroom soup by the Campbell’s Soup Company proved to be a game-changer for this humble casserole. Now it was a dish that was quick and simple to prepare while easy one the budget.
In its most basic form, tuna casserole is a couple of canned goods added to cooked noodles and a crunchy cheesy topping. But the greatness of this casserole lies in its ability to adapt to your own tastes and desired level of work. Swap out the canned cream soup for a bechamel sauce. Add or change vegetables to your own liking. Use an oil poached tuna instead of canned. Add lemon and fresh herbs to make a brighter tasting version. Mix the tuna, vegetables, and sauce then stuff it into shells, finish with that delectable crunchy topping.

Serve tuna casserole with…

Something with Veggies

dill carrots
steamed green beans
roasted cauliflower & broccoli
pickled beets
pickled carrots
steamed carrots
snow peas
braised mushrooms
roasted tomatoes
broccoli, carrot & cauliflower mix
braised leeks
snow peas

Something Starchy

garlic bread
bread rolls

Just Salads

garden salad
cucumber salad
beet & carrot salad
tomato salad
Israeli salad

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