tomato soup side dish and serving ideas

Tomato Soup

Tomato Soup

For a lot of people, one of the first images that they picture of tomato soup is that iconic Campbell’s soup can. Immortalized by pop art artist Andy Warhol in the 60s. Served for lunch with a side of grilled sandwiches to countless children and adults. This humble soup is the reason Campbell’s is known as the soup company.

Tomato soup can be broadly defined as a soup that’s primary ingredient is tomatoes. Served cold like a gazpacho on a hot day. Steaming hot in bowl or mug, comforting and warming. Recipes may use cream or bread to thicken it and give it a silky smooth finish. Or leave it chunky and rustic with lots of herbs. Occasionally other ingredients will creep in like rice, carrots, or maybe even chicken. The tomato should always be the star.

You can’t talk about tomato soup without mentioning the grilled cheese sandwich. For many, this is the go-to side, maybe the only side. A classic grilled cheese is great or make grilled cheese croutons or cut into sticks (or soldiers) for dipping. Make a more adult-friendly version using different cheeses and add-ins like onion jam. Of course, you can serve other kinds of sandwiches. Warm from the oven biscuits or soda bread are great alternatives. The acidity of the soup cuts through a rich quiche and makes a delicious brunch menu.

Serve tomato soup with…

Just Sandwiches

grilled cheese
ham & cheese
tuna melt
po’ boy
sandwich wrap

Something with Veggies

garden salad

Something Starchy

crusty bread
cheddar biscuits
soda bread
sardines on buttered toast

Something Cheesy

mozzarella sticks
pull apart cheese bread

Something from the Sea

shrimp ceviche
bass filet

Something More

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