succotash side dish and serving ideas



Succotash was first introduced to colonial immigrants by Native Americans. It was a savory stew of corn, beans, and squash that was usually accompanied by meat and fish making it a complete meal. Fresh corn was cooked with beans and summer squash during the summer. In the winter they would make succotash with dried corn and beans with pumpkin.

Today’s succotash looks a little similar, in that it is still a dish of corn and beans. But it is now most often served as a side dish and other ingredients make their way in depending on the region your in. Bacon, bell peppers, cream, okra, or tomatoes are all examples of regional additions that you may find.

Definitely give this delicious corn and bean stew a try. It is a versatile dish that is easy to make and goes with so many other dishes when served as a side dish. It is wonderful served warm or cold. The flavors of succotash can fit the season you are in. Try using corn and black beans with pumpkin or acorn squash during the winter. Or try cooking some fresh fish with the classic of corn, lima beans and summer squash for a light, fresh summer meal.

Serve succotash with…

Something Meaty

fried chicken
pork chops
pulled pork
stuffed chicken breast
grilled chicken
bbq chicken
roasted or rotisserie chicken
pork tenderloin

Something from the Sea

pan-seared scallops
grilled shrimp

Something Starchy

cheese grits
tossed with pasta

Something with Veggies

tomato salad
tomato with goat cheese
grilled zucchini
grilled or sautéed onions & peppers
over salad greens

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!