Steak side dish and serving ideas



A relatively simple dish but when done absolutely right it melts on your tongue and makes you wonder if there really is a better meal out there. There are hundreds (possibly thousands) of videos and blog posts and cookbook entries on the best way to cook a steak, as well as a lot of opinions about what makes a great steak but the one thing most people agree on is that marbling is the best indicator of how tender and flavorful it will be when cooked. The marbling refers to the flecks or streaks of white fat in the steak, this is not the slab of fat that is sometimes found on the side. It’s this interspersed fat that gives the steak its flavor and is one of the standards used to determine the quality of a cut of meat.

There are many different cuts of steak skirt steak, porterhouse, T-bone, ribeye, top sirloin, hanger, New York strip, flank steak, filet mignon, the very thinly cut ribeye steak called entrecôte, and cuts that are just gaining in popularity like the Denver steak, beef bavette, and flat iron steak. With so many options it is clear to see how so many opinions and techniques for cooking came to be.

Serve steak with…

Something with Veggies

roasted broccoli
green bean casserole
Brussels sprout hash
Brussels sprouts
creamed corn
grilled corn
creamed spinach
stuffed tomato
grilled tomatoes
grilled zucchini
sautéed greens
sautéed mushrooms
whole roasted cauliflower
cauliflower purée
braised fennel
balsamic onions
turnip mash
glazed carrots
roasted root vegetables
vegetable kebabs
braised leeks
stuffed onions

Just Potatoes

french fries
homemade potato chips
warm potato salad
potato salad
buttered new potatoes
salt baked fingerling potatoes
pommes aligot
hasselback potatoes
mashed sweet potato
sweet potato fries
roasted sweet potatoes
sweet potato casserole

Something Saucy

Bearnaise sauce
compound butter
mushrooms sauce
peppercorn sauce

Just Salads

wedge salad
rocket salad
bluegrass salad
carrot slaw
cucumber salad
broccoli slaw
spinach salad

Something Starchy

Parker House rolls
rice pilaf
pasta in cream sauce
pesto pasta
butter noodles
garlic bread
onion rings

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!