baked-salmon side dish and serving ideas

Baked/Grilled Salmon

Baked or Grilled Salmon

Juicy, and delicately flaky, baked or grilled salmon is a quick and healthy meal. Using the same recipes for baking and grilling make for a versatile dish. Grilling salmon in the summer months adds a smoky flavor and goes well with fresh salads. Baking the same recipe during the cooler non-grilling months means you don’t need to wait for summer to enjoy it.

Salmon is versatile in its flavor pairings as well. It can handle a spicy heat of chilis and lime or the pungent kick of garlic with rosemary and lemon. Or try the bold Asian flavors of ginger, sesame or miso. Sweet and sticky maple syrup with grainy dijon mustard makes a delicious baked salmon.

When it comes to sides salmon shows it versatility again. All the usual starches are great options, mashed or roasted potatoes, or a potato gratin. Pasta cooked simply with a little butter, garlic, and parsley, or a creamy Alfredo sauce. A rich risotto, some fresh cilantro lime rice, or a spiced couscous. Or skip the starches all together and serve alongside a cool, crisp wedge salad. Or a briny Greek salad, salmon is right at home with the crunchy cucumbers and the salty feta.

Serve baked or grilled salmon with…

Something Starchy

lemon rice
garlic butter noodles
mashed potatoes
cilantro lime rice
rice pilaf
lemon orzo
potato gratin
pesto pasta
smashed potatoes
roasted potatoes
fresh tomato pasta
lentils du puy

Something with Veggies

grilled vegetables
green beans
garlicky greens
grilled Brussels sprouts
roasted cauliflower
grilled corn
green beans almodine
roasted root vegetables

Just Salads

wedge salad
quinoa salad
panzanella salad
rocket salad
Caesar salad
bean salad
pasta salad
cucumber salad
potato salad
Greek salad

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