pulled pork side dish and serving ideas

Pulled Pork

Pulled Pork

Pulled pork is made by smoking pork shoulder over low heat and for a long time. During this long, slow cooking the connective tissues break down. The meat becomes succulent, tender and falling apart. So much so that in the end you can pull the pork apart. It is then served with a bbq sauce, often topped with coleslaw on a bun.

You can replicate pulled pork at home by braising instead of smoking. A whole pork shoulder may be difficult to find in grocery stores, a Boston butt or picnic shoulder will also do.

Serve pulled pork with…

Something Fried

hush puppies
fried green tomatoes
fried okra
french fries
sweet potato fries
fried pickles
potato rosti
deep fried mac’n’cheese

Something Creamy

macaroni salad
potato salad

Something Starchy

mashed potatoes
baked beans
served on buns

Something More

boiled peanuts

Something Fresh

green beans
tomato salad
garden salad
pickled watermelon rinds
corn on the cob
corn salad
collard greens

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