minestrone side dish and serving ideas



This classic Italian vegetable soup is hearty and satisfying. Minestrone is a dish that you don’t need a recipe for. Make it to your own tastes and using the fresh vegetables you have on hand. It is a tomato based broth with lots of fresh vegetables and pasta or rice; beans are a frequent addition as well.

When served as a smaller portion minestrone makes a light first course. Or scoop up a big bowl and serve with grilled bread for a filling main dish. You can cook your vegetables down more for a rich, thick soup; or make it a lighter and more brothy by keeping the vegetables chunkier and more al dente.

Serve minestrone with…

Something with Veggies

roasted peppers
roasted broccoli
roasted zucchini

Something More

ham & cheese panini
mini pizzas
cheese crisps
olive oil poached tuna

Something Starchy

grilled baguette
garlic bread
roasted potatoes
pull apart cheese bread

Something Meaty

lamb skewers
beef skewers
roasted chicken

Just Salads

rocket salad
squid & bean salad
spinach salad
arugula & fennel salad
marinated vegetable salad
caesar salad
garden salad

Something Fried

deep fried calamari
mozzarella sticks

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!