fish pie side dishes and serving ideas

Fish Pie

Fish Pie

Flaky fish, creamy sauce and fluffy mashed potatoes crisped and golden on top – this is fish pie. It’s a simple family favorite dish that you can make two of; one for serving that night for dinner and one to pop in the freezer for another night. Fish pie is a classic British dish and a seafood spin on shepherd’s pie.

Like it’s cousin dishes fish pie goes great with a side of peas. Add some spring onions or wilted gem lettuce to the peas for a fresh side dish. Other vegetable side dishes like broccoli, cauliflower or green beans are also good options. If you are serving it as part of a more formal dinner try bacon wrapped asparagus or pancetta fried Brussels sprouts alongside.

Serve fish pie with…

Just Salads

fennel salad
garden salad
wilted gem lettuce

Something with Veggies

green beans
sautéed spinach
sautéed cabbage
pancetta fried Brussels sprouts
bacon wrapped asparagus
sautéed haricort verts & pancetta
minted peas
glazed carrots
spring onions & peas
baked tomatoes

Something Fried

french fries/chips

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