Fajitas side dish and serving ideas



This Tex-Mex meal looks like it is going to need a long time to get it on the table but it’s really quite quick and makes a great weeknight meal. Fajitas are comprised of grilled meat, most often chicken, beef, pork or shrimp, onions and peppers that is all served on a corn or flour tortilla. Everyone can customize their fajita for their own tastes all you need to do is Make a spread with some great toppings, tortillas and of course the filling, then let everyone serve themselves.

National Fajita Day is celebrated on August 18th.

Serve fajitas with…

Just Salads

tomato salad
Texas caviar
rice salad
bean salad
corn salad
cucumber salad
garden salad
jicama slaw
tomato & avocado salad

Something Fruity

black bean & mango salad
grilled pineapple
grilled peaches

Something Starchy

cilantro rice
refried beans
sweet potato wedges
baked potato
chips & salsa
chips & guacamole
nacho dip & chips
potato wedges
black beans & yellow rice
Spanish rice
frijoles borrachos

Just Toppings

grilled mushrooms
grilled onions & peppers
refried beans
black beans
pickled jalapenos
grated cheese
fresh queso

Something Soupy

chili con carne
black bean soup
chicken fajita soup
avocado soup
pork & poblano soup

Something Saucy

sour cream
pico de gaillo
mango salsa
pineapple salsa

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!