eggs benedict side dish & serving ideas

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Like so many classic dishes eggs benedict has a contested history. It might have been created in Delmonico’s when patrons named Mr. and Mrs. LeGrand Benedict ordered the components of it. Or it could be that a hungover Lemuel Benedict greatly inspired its invention. It’s claimed he wandered into the Waldorf Astoria and ordered “buttered toast, crisp bacon, two poached eggs and a hooker of hollandaise”. The maître d’ at the time, Oscar Tschirky, further perfected the dish to be as we now know it. Lightly toasted English muffin topped with Canadian bacon a poached egg and hollandaise. Check out “Who Invented Eggs Benedict-a Traitor, a Pope, or a Hungover Dude?” for a more detailed look at the history of eggs benedict.

For many eggs benedict is the quintessential brunch dish. With the rich hollandaise, lightly seared Canadian bacon and runny yolk poached eggs it is a decadent dish. Making eggs benedict requires a bit of extra time so it is often best on a slow-moving kind of day. Making eggs benedict is easier than you may think. Be sure to gather all your ingredients and have them at the ready. Start by making your hollandaise first, get your water for eggs warming up. Once your sauce is done, lightly toast your English muffin in the same pan as your Candian bacon, while poaching your egg. Assemble and enjoy.

The classic is always good but there are many ways to mix things up. Try replacing the English muffin with a croissant, biscuit or go all out and use a crab cake. If Canadian bacon isn’t you’re thing try smoked salmon, chorizo, traditional bacon or even corned beef. For a vegetarian take on it don’t use any meat and instead use asparagus, fresh tomato slice, smashed avocado or spinach.

Serve eggs benedict with…

Something with Veggies

sautéed spinach
roasted asparagus
bacon wrapped asparagus
stuffed tomatoes
sliced tomato
sliced avocado
steamed broccoli

Something Fruity

prosciutto wrapped melon
fresh pear slices

Something Starchy

pan-fried potatoes
roasted potatoes
potato rosti
potatoes anna
home fries
potato wedges

Swap out Canadian Bacon for

smoked salmon
crispy bacon
fresh tomato slices
smashed or sliced avocado
corned beef
raw spinach
creamed spinach
fried chicken (boneless)
chicken fried steak
fried bologna

Just Salads

frisée salad
rocket salad
garden salad

Swap out the English Muffin for

holland rusks
dill bread
crab cake
corn cake

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