side dish and serving ideas for duck



Duck is an often overlooked dinner time alternative to chicken. Roasting a whole duck for Thanksgiving or Christmas makes a rich and meaty alternative to the classic turkey. Plus you’ll end up with some delectable duck fat to use in future cooking. One of the most important steps when cooking duck is to score the skin and make sure you cook that skin long enough to render the fat and crisp the skin.

Deciding what to serve alongside your may actually be more difficult than cooking it due to all the choices. A great place to start is with duck-fat roasted potatoes or other root vegetables, such as beets. Of course, mashed potatoes are always a classic choice and pair nicely with a wide variety of vegetables. Mushroom risotto is an earthy alternative. For a more casual meal try cornbread with a bluegrass salad.

Serve duck with…

Something with Veggies

roasted root vegetables
sautéed cabbage
caramelized onions
butternut squash
roasted pumpkin
mashed pumpkin
roasted squash
green bean casserole
sautéed beet greens
sautéed chard
sautéed cabbage & apples
duck-fat roasted beets
roasted asparagus
parsnip purée
stuffed artichokes
roasted onions
roasted carrots
braised red cabbage
sautéed broccoli rabe
roasted Brussels sprouts & pancetta
braised leeks
braised cabbage & bacon
cauliflower puree
haricot vert
roasted cauliflower
roasted fennel
braised fennel
celeriac purée
sautéed spinach
creamed spinach
pea purée

Something Starchy

roasted potatoes
mashed potatoes
duck-fat potatoes
duck -fat popovers
mushroom risotto
roasted sweet potatoes
sweet potato purée
garlic mashed potatoes
wild rice
cheddar & chive biscuits
potatoes dauphinoise
herb bread stuffing
bread dumplings
cornbread dressing
baked sweet potatoes
Spanish rice
saffron rice
potatoes anna
scalloped potatoes
rice pilaf
potato rosti
blackeyed peas
mushroom wild rice

Just Salads

frisée salad
warm beet salad
tomato salad
carrot salad
chicory salad
rocket salad
Waldorf salad
bluegrass salad
salad greens with mustard vinaigrette

Something Saucy

sage & brown butter sauce
cherry glaze
balsamic reduction
raspberry & orange sauce
cherry jus
raspberry sauce

Something Fruity

roasted grapes
cranberry & pear chutney
plum chutney
balsamic cherries
roasted plums
roasted pears
grilled peaches

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!