crab cakes side dish and serving ideas

Crab Cakes

Crab Cakes

Today it’s easy to find crab cakes all over but they are most often associated with the Chesapeake Bay area of the US. In 1930 Crosby Gaige published a recipe called “Baltimore Crab Cakes” in his cookbook, the New York World Fair Cookbook. This was the first time the term crab cake had appeared in print, however, similar dishes were common and popular in southern states, such as Louisiana, before this.

Fresh lump crab meat is essential to crab cakes. If you are making Maryland blue crab is the only crab you should use. A good crab cake will have enough filler to hold everything together. But not so much it overpowers the delicate taste of the crab. The filler includes mayo, eggs, bread crumbs, crackers or panko. Seasonings can include Old Bay, fresh herbs, celery, Dijon mustard, and Worcestershire.

Serve crab cakes with…

Something with Veggies

frisée salad
garden salad
cucumber salad
red cabbage slaw
fennel slaw
grilled asparagus
roasted or grilled mixed vegetables
Caesar Salad

Something Soupy

corn soup
tom yum soup

Something Starchy

on a bun
as part of a Po’ Boy
corn salad
mashed potatoes
potato salad
rice pilaf
baked potato
Alfredo pasta
black bean & corn salad
corn on the cob

Something Saucy

tartar sauce
horseradish cream
Russian dressing

Something Fried

fried potatoes
hush puppies
sweet potato fries

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