corn chowder side dish and serving ideas

Corn Chowder

Corn Chowder

A good corn chowder will be thick, creamy and so flavorful you may never want to eat another kind of chowder, or even soup again. This hearty dish makes a filling dinner on a cool fall or late summer night when fresh corn is at its peak. For the best flavor, fresh corn is best. Stripping the corn off the cobs, then cooking the cobs in the broth will give your corn chowder plenty of that sweet corn flavor. Don’t despair if you are making your chowder outside of the season. You can always freeze corn cobs leftover from other recipes. Or if you don’t have the cobs there are lots of well rated of recipes out there using canned or frozen corn.

Serve corn chowder with…

A Sandwich

grilled vegetable sandwich
ham & cheese sandwich
grilled cheese

Something with Veggies

tomato salad
garden salad
roasted broccoli
frisée salad

Something Starchy

crusty bread
cheese biscuits
dinner rolls
garlic bread

Something to Top With

diced jalapeno
crumbled bacon
grated cheddar
roasted red pepper
oyster crackers
dice avocado
creme fraiche

Something More

smoked sausage

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