clam chowder side dish and serving ideas

Clam Chowder

Clam Chowder

Clam chowder is a type of soup made with clams and broth, as well as potato, onions and celery. There are several regional varieties but the most known are New England clam chowder, a cream based version, and Manhattan clam chowder, a tomato and broth based version.

Serve clam chowder with…

Something with Veggies

stuffed squash
corn on the cob

Something from the Sea

crab cakes
shrimp cocktail
lobster roll
warm butter lobster roll
bacon wrapped scallops
bacon wrapped shrimp
fish tacos
salmon cakes
lobster boil

Something Starchy

crusty bread
in a bread bowl
roasted root vegetables
Johnny cake
oyster crackers
cornmeal pancakes

Something More

deli meat platter
over french fries as a poutine (New England style of chowder)

Just Salads

bean salad
garden salad
fennel orange salad
spinach salad
bluegrass salad
cucumber salad
corn & tomato salad
watermelon salad

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