chili side dish and serving ideas

Chili (Con Carne)

Chili (Con Carne)

Chili con carne means chili with meat, in most of the US and Canada it is usually referred to as simply chili. In Texas this spicy stew is made using only chilis and meat, and definitely no ground meat. For most people outside of Texas it is made with ground meat, often beef, tomatoes, spices, and beans. Chopped onions and other things may also find their way into this version.

There are few things quite like the smell of a hearty chili bubbling on the stove. It is a dish that lends itself to a low and slow style of cooking, or it can be a quick weeknight meal. Of course, to build rich and complex flavors it should simmer for a couple hours. A versatile dish that is appealing on a cold night or on a hot afternoon. It is a popular food for tailgating, great for a potluck and the search for the best happens at many a chili cook-off.

National Chili Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of February.

Serve chili (con carne) with…

Something Classic

corn muffin
dirty rice
chips & salsa
chips & guacamole

Something Fresh

corn salad
garden salad

Something Meaty

fried chicken
corn dogs
corn dog muffins

Something More

mashed potatoes
cornbread waffle
fried pickles
soft pretzel
baked potato
baked sweet potato

Something Cheesey

On Top Of

fries (and topped with cheese)
hot dogs

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