chicken wings side dish and serving ideas

Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings

The idea of serving fried chicken wings started in Buffalo, New York, at a bar called The Anchor. The fried wings were dipped in a buttery, spicy sauce then served with celery and blue cheese. Buffalo wings are now an American classic and a popular pub snack and a game day favorite.

Drumettes, flats (also called wingettes) and tips make up the three parts of the wings. When cooking chicken wings it is common to only use the drumettes and flats. While most people think of chicken wings as deep fried, you can also bake or grill them.

Flavor and sauce options for coating your wings are almost endless. From the spicy heat of Buffalo wings to the sticky sweetness of honey garlic. Keep it simple with salt and pepper or get creative and coat them with ground up flavored popcorn. Take an international approach with flavors inspired by Italy, Thailand, India, or Vietnam.

Serve chicken wings with…

Something Starchy

garlic bread
potato wedges
baked potatoes
beer bread
potato skins
cheese fries
corn on the cob
baked beans

Something Creamy

potato salad
deviled eggs
macaroni salad
veggies with ranch dip

Just Salads

warm potato salad
garden salad
caprese salad
greek salad
pasta salad

Something Fried

french fries (or chips)
onion rings
corn fritters
jalapeno poppers
tempura vegetables

Something Meaty

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