caviar side dish and serving ideas



It is the salt-cured roe of wild sturgeon. The most prized varieties being Beluga, Osetra, and Sevruga. Roe from other fish, like the salmon roe on your sushi, is not considered caviar.

Caviar is one of the oldest luxury foods, coveted by Ancient Greeks, Romans and Tsars. During the late 1800s, sturgeon were found to be plentiful in the US, so much so western saloons would give it away free of charge with drinks.

Preparing caviar at home is pretty straightforward. Make sure to serve it with a mother of pearl or crystal spoon. Not only does it help enhance the atmosphere but metal spoons will alter the taste. And don’t forget to not limit yourself to only blinis for serving. Try it over an omelet or pasta in a light white wine sauce, or even on a potato chip with a little french onion dip.

Serve caviar with…

Something Starchy

blini with creme fraiche
unsalted crackers
buttered toast
baked potato
boiled potato
potato dauphin
over pasta
over polenta

Something Different

on pizza
on avocado toast
on top of a burger
with french onion dip
steak tartare
cauliflower fritters

Something from the Sea

baked oysters
raw oysters
tuna tartare
salmon tartare
smoked fish

Something More

chilled vodka
deviled eggs
soft boiled egg
soft scrambled eggs
chopped yolks & whites
grilled vegetables

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