Burritos side dish and serving ideas



Burritos are a popular Tex-Mex dish of rice, beans and usually meat, wrapped in a tortilla. They first came to the US in the early 1900’s and were a simple combination of refried beans and meat; nowadays the burrito is more akin to a meal wrapped in a tortilla.

One of the most popular styles of burritos is the Mission burrito, which was first made popular in San Francisco and is now mostly commonly sold in chains such as Chipotle and Qdoba. The Mission burrito is noted for it’s large size, the inclusion of extra ingredients and for being served wrapped in a piece of foil. Among other popular kinds of burritos is the wet burrito, which is covered in a sauce. There is also the California burrito that includes potatoes in the filling and of course the breakfast burrito which is primarily stuffed with eggs, sausage or bacon, cheese and sometimes potatoes.

Serve burritos with…

Something with Veggies

grilled corn
corn salsa
zucchini fries

Something Soupy

chili con carne
black bean soup
chicken fajita soup
avocado soup
pork & poblano soup

Something Starchy

cilantro rice
refried beans
chips & salsa
chips & guacamole
nacho dip & chips
sweet potato wedges
baked potato
frijoles borrachos
frijoles charros
potato wedges
black beans & yellow rice
Spanish rice

Just Salads

jicama slaw
avocado salad
tomato salad
Texas caviar
rice salad
bean salad
corn salad
tomato & avocado salad
cucumber salad
garden salad

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