Sides dish ideas for brisket



Brisket is a cut of meat from the chest of the cow, because it is comprised of a lot of connective tissue it is considered to be quite tough and therefore needs to be cooked for a long time to get it to be mouthwatering and tender. In North America there are three main ways of preparing brisket; soaked in a brine then cooked like for corned beef, braised in the oven in a flavorful sauce, as many a Jewish grandmother has made, or smoked low and slow like you can find in BBQ joints. Food & Wine has a wonderful article about the brisket’s journey from Passover Seders to Texas barbecue pits.

Serve brisket with…

Something with Veggies

grilled corn
collard greens
sautéed greens
corn on the cob
creamed corn
creamed spinach
grilled vegetables
vegetable kebabs
grilled asparagus
string beans
green beans

Just Salads

carrot & apple slaw
macaroni salad
tomato salad
pasta salad
tomato & corn salad
cucumber salad
avocado & tomato salad
garden salad
orzo salad

Something Starchy

baked beans
corn pudding
Carolina bbq beans

Something Fried

onion rings
french fries
sweet potato fries
fried pickles
hush puppies
fried okra

Just Potatoes

potato salad
warm potato salad
German potato salad
herb potato salad
baked potato
mashed potatoes
boiled new potatoes
roasted potatoes
baked sweet potato
mashed sweet potatoes
potato skins
au gratin potatoes
potato wedges
potato skins

Something More

deviled eggs
onion jam
grilled apricots
grilled peaches
pickle chips

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!