beef wellington side dish and serving ideas

Beef Wellington

Beef Wellington

Like many classic dishes, the story of Beef Wellington is a bit muddled. The most popular story is that it is named for the first Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley. Another is that is was first created for a civic reception in Wellington, New Zealand. Others theorize that is a take on the French filet de bœuf en croûte.

No matter where Beef Wellington heralds from it is a dish that never fails to impress. Starting with the tender medium-rare beef fillet. Followed by the rich pâté and duxelles; a paste of sauteed mushrooms, onions, shallots, garlic, and herbs. All wrapped in puff pastry and baked to a flaky, golden crispness. For a change of pace try wrapping the beef and mushrooms with prosciutto or Parma ham, you can do this with the pâté or instead of.

Serve Beef Wellington with…

Just Potatoes

mashed potatoes
potatoes dauphin
roasted potatoes
pommes anna
fingerling potatoes
duchess potatoes
mashed sweet potato
hasselback potatoes
fondant potatoes
baked sweet potato

Something with Veggies

green beans almadine
spinach gratin
roasted carrots
casear salad
roasted beets
hearts of palm salad
grilled asparagus
garden salad
carrot purée
creamed spinach

Something Starchy

rice pilaf

Something Saucy

red wine sauce
mustard cream sauce
mushroom sauce
Madeira sauce
sherry cream sauce
green peppercorn sauce

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