battered fish side dish and serving ideas

Battered or Breaded Fish

Battered or Breaded Fish

Making battered fish starts with selecting a great piece of fish. Cod, haddock, and pollack are all easy to find. The filets should be skinless and checked that they have no bones. Next is deciding on your batter. There are many theories on how to achieve that light and airy crispiness, some swear by adding sparkling water, others beer. There are batters that use yeast or baking powder. Or skip the battering and go with a breading for a different taste and texture. Breaded filets can be baked in the oven if you want to try to keep things lighter.

Crispy fried battered fish is synonymous with glistening, golden chips (or fries). For many, it would be very wrong to divide this delicious duo but there are some great other options out there. If you want to keep with the fried theme try some haystack onions, avocado fries, or some tangy fried pickles. For lighter options try grilling some vegetables, or a cool crisp garden salad. Or go in a different direction and turn your battered fish into a fish taco piled high with crunchy coleslaw and zesty aioli.

Serve battered or breaded fish with…

Something Fried

french fries/chips
onion rings
haystack onions
corn fritters
fried pickles
sweet potato fries
jalapeño poppers
potato pancake or latkes
hush puppies
fried mac’n’cheese
blooming onion
potato croquettes
fried zucchini
avocado fries

Just Salads

potato salad
garden salad
bean salad
Caesar salad
warm potato salad

Something Starchy

boiled new potatoes
mashed potatoes & carrots
potato wedges
baked potato
baked sweet potato
baked beans

Something Transformed

on a roll as a sandwich
in a soft tortilla as a fish taco

Something with Veggies

mushy peas
grilled vegetables
corn on the cob
creamed corn
peas & carrots

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!