baked ham side dish and serving ideas

Baked Ham

Baked Ham

Baked ham is a crowd pleaser. It’s a popular choice for Easter and Christmas dinners but is also great for potlucks and Sunday night dinners. Made with a cut of pork from the hind leg of the pig that is dry (country ham) or wet cured (city ham). When buying you ham you can also get it smoked or not smoked. You can also choose from boneless or bone-in. Spiral hams are becoming quite popular. They come pre-sliced so when carving you simply make a lateral cut and you have several slices of ham ready to serve, no butchery skills required.

When preparing to cook your ham traditionally you score the outside in a diamond pattern then stud it with whole cloves. Sometimes pineapple slices are laid on top, the ham then bakes slow and low in the oven. Applying a glaze near the end of cooking is optional and very popular.

Serve baked ham with…

Something Starchy

potato dough rolls
dinner rolls
rice pilaf
warm potato salad
candied yams
root vegetable gratin
sweet potato biscuits
Parker house rolls
corn pudding
baked beans
roasted root vegetables

Just Potatoes

mashed potatoes
roasted potatoes
baked potato
baked sweet potatoes
sweet potato casserole
fondant potatoes
hasselback potatoes
scalloped potatoes
potato & squash gratin
loaded potato skins

Something with Veggies

green bean casserole
collard greens
kale salad
roasted Brussels sprouts
green beans
creamed spinach
glazed carrots
candied acorn squash
braised cabbage
spinach salad
roasted baby carrots
braised fennel
acorn squash soup

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