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How do you figure out what the perfect side-dish for that special dinner to impress your neighbors and be the envy of your friends?

The old way was spending too much time searching a bunch of different food sites.

That seemed tedious.

We made Serve This With That to help you out. It puts tons of great ideas into one spot for you.

One search. Less time. Better results.

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Dishes that feature beef as the main ingredient such as steak or roast, but also dishes that can be made with beef like fajitas.

Looking for a pork fix? We have you covered with dishes like pork chops, braised pork belly, BBQ ribs and more.

Comforting bowls full of tomato soup, beef stew, clam chowder and more.

In this controversial category find grilled cheese sandwiches alongside burgers, sloppy joes, and even hot dogs.

Popular favorites such as lasagna, mac’n’cheese and tuna casserole.

Egg and cheese-centric dishes like baked brie, quiche, cheese fondue and more.

So much great seafood, where to start? Crab cakes, seared scallops, mussels, salmon and more can be found here.

Delicious vegetable-centric dishes like stuffed pepper, latkes, and cabbage rolls are all here.

This is where you will find dishes served flat, folded or rolled up, such as Pizza, burritos, fajitas and even tacos (American style).

Hearty dishes like baked beans and succotash can be found here.

The breads and grains category features dishes from both the pasta and flatbreads categories and waffles too.

We are adding more dishes every week. Want to add your favorite serving idea, see something missing or maybe there is a dish you’d like to see featured? Reach out and give us a shout we’d love to hear from you!